Thursday, March 27, 2014

Freak or Fashionist-Friendly?

Went out with this guy a few times. The first time he seemed genuinely fun and I had a great time. Second time, more personable and decent. Then  he made mention of something during a convo. I'm not quite sure how he brought it into the conversation, as it had nothing to do with any topic or discussion but it kinda weirded me out. He asked if I changed my nail polish since our first date. I know there are women who notice everything about other women (especially style) and maybe there are guys but he seemed waaay to focused on it. <side note: I did NOT change my nail polish as there wasn't really time between our dates>. He wouldn't let it to and convinced me that it was different. Whatevs, I was too awkward we out to argue. 
Then later on when we met up he made mention of my perfume and asked me if I was wearing "such and such" brand. That seriously creeped me out. Unless his mom wears that brand and he just bought it for her as a gift?
Does anyone find these two specific mentions to be normal??!??


  1. Depends. Is he Hungarian?

    Some men are really observant about feminine details. I went to a department store sale and there was a frum couple there, and the husband kept on pouncing on the racks, not the wife. In the ladies section.

    Some guys notice but don't make comments. Until they are married, and then they have an opinion.

    I would feel uncomfortable if a guy on the first or second date said he liked my perfume, but if he's asking what brand it is, he's doing his research. Don't get my brother started on perfume. My mother wears it religiously, and he had it down pat which ones gave him headaches. He called "Joy" "Misery."

    C'mon, this guy must be Hungarian. If not, then maybe it is odd? Hm. :P

  2. Asking if you changed your nail polish isn't weird, but arguing about it is.

  3. If the guy mentions your perfume, it is a compliment, and he is flirting with you. Dates between men and women- even shomer negiah dates - are not supposed to feel like a business lunch. I don't think one has to be afraid of relaxing a little and not having to be "stiff" on a date. Some perfumes are also well known, perhaps he smelled it on someone else before and recognized it.

  4. Sarah, he didn't mean it as a compliment. He was saying it as if he KNEW he can guess the scent or something. It was definitely creepy now that I think back. Even though it was a relaxed setting he was "know it all" in that area and waaaay too much so.
    Princess: he was probably like 25% Hungarian. And no, he wasn't being complimentary or doing research. It was more like he was boosting his own ego and making himself proud that he can say he KNEW what scent I was wearing. To the point that he convinced himself I had changed nail polish between our dates which wasn't the case. Uch! It was gross and awkward and weird all at the same time. He was more stalkerish than being polite/curious.

    1. You were there, and had the benefit of body language. Stalker has been voted off the island!