Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Is Common Courtesy Uncommon? Part II

In followup to my previous post, I'd like to 'get equal' vote on this topic and will therefore bring some examples about girls not having common courtesy, based on what I've heard/seen and experienced.
When dating in New York, there are numerous ways to get from Brooklyn to Manhattan, including bridges, & tunnels. Being an out-of-towner I don't really take this into consideration, after all, I'm not the one driving, so how we get there doesn't really make a difference. To me, I know that it's quite a distance, so there is time to talk in the car but I never really cared to take the time to notice the 'specifics'. From what I understand there are girls who will say 'no' to a guy based on the sole fact that he took the 'bridge' to Manhattan. This is because, the bridge is free and to take the tunnel it costs money. When I first heard this, it was actually from a guy and I couldn't understand how someone can make an entire life's decision based on this alone. He explained to me that the girls believe the guy is a cheapo, when he could've easily taken the tunnel and therefore 'dump' him. I gotta admit guys-I'm with you on this one, especially if you date often, the parking in Manhattan itself takes a toll, not to mention drinks/eating out, so if you want to save on a tunnel-who cares. C'mon Girls-cut the guy some slack!
Another example I'd like to point out-similar to my previous post, is making sure a guy eats. When a guy travels in to an out-of-town place to see a girl, unless he has family/friends or knows people in that city-odds are, he's gonna be hungry and needs to be fed. Truth is, most places have take-out/restaurants, but not always will a guy be familiar with those places, how to get there, Kashrus, etc. There was this girl from my neighborhood who was being set up. The guy came in for her and wanted to go out for supper. Being from a small town, 'eating out' means, 'making it official' and the girl was only on the first date and didn't want to start rumors. She was also embarrassed and didn't know what to do. Girls-be kind=what if you were the one in an out-of-town place, with no one and was starving. Solution=GET CREATIVE! There's always take out and places to EAT the take-out. I know a girl who was on a date, it was a Holiday so everything was closed, and they wanted to eat out. She called the restaurant from the car, ordered 'to go', the guy ran in, picked up their meals, along with plastic cutlery and they ate at the airport (the place is never closed). 
Lastly, the cellphone thing. This can be for both guys & girls, but since this post is about girls-let's stick with it. We do, after all, talk much more than men. So gals-listen up. It's rude to spend time/chat/text on your cellphone whilst on a date. No matter how bored you are, maybe the guy is having a good time. Yes, some times you just have to suck it up. Put your phone off or atleast on vibrate and DON'T check it, or make a call, or something. Unless there is an emergency, it is extremely rude.

Guys-maybe you could help me out on this one, if you have any other example you wanna share or point out so that the readers can learn to do better or be more aware-we would appreciate your input


  1. I have a post waiting in the wings about girls not doing their part on making dates affordable for a guy. I haven't decided if I'll post it yet though.

    I also wrote a post on putting a date on hold while on the phone. No girl, to date, has spent a significant period of time on the phone while I've been out with them.