Monday, September 24, 2012

Reason #14: Why I LOVE the Internet

I know that since the Asifa, the internet is getting a whole lotta bad reviews. There's been the speech about filters, the Jnet articles, the 'put your computer in a public place' and all the other websites and buddy programs to go to in order to maintain safe internet usage. I agree with all of that. I have heard of a few detrimental affects that the internet had on marriages, some ending in divorce-and these are people I know. Yes, it can get addictive. Yes, it is bad for you. And, of course, like everything bad, there is a good side as well. Aside from the online shiurim (I like, the Jewish news, the youtube informative clips, the Kotel cam, etc. there are other very useful internet sites that I use on an ongoing basis (google anyone?). The reason I LOVE internet, for the sake of this post tonight, is because once again, my old buddy internet has come through and saved my bacon so-to-speak. 
Here's what happened:
So-called person called to suggest a shidduch. Boy was described as 'very nice' and in late 30s. The age itself is atleast a decade older, and more. I told the person that late 30s usually means early 40s and so on, and then went ahead to ask them to email me the information. I received the information and with my trusty old internet, did a search on the guy. Lo & behold (no, without any criminal record), I got a whole page of detailed history, family members and birthdates. Turns out I was right-he was early 40s. Byebye baby daddy. and that folks, is why I LOVE internet-those searches usually don't lie. They have no reason to.


  1. Cradle robber incident myself. Whitepages told me his real age range. I wonder if it's the same guy . . .

  2. But look how open minded he is, willing to date a girl so much his junior! :P

    1. Yes he was willing to do her that favor.. he should be awarded for his open mindedness!.. Could you imagine what a nice person.

    2. His chivalrous willingness to be a sugar daddy . . . it's so touching.

  3. I must thank HASHEM, because I prayed to Him for a very easy fast on Yom Kippur, and He granted my request, THANK YOU HASHEM!!!!