Sunday, September 16, 2012

Best Wishes for a Mazeldik year!

Don'tcha just feel really awkward when all these people come to wish you a gut g'bentched yahr, kiss kiss, hug hug and then tell you how they are Davening for you and they truly wish you a year filled with Simcha and this should be the year they dance @ ur chasuna? Personally, I don't like showing my emotions. I mean sure I cry at weddings, funerals, videos, etc. I laugh and am an emotional person but when people tell you how they wish what you truly want-I don't know why but it makes me emotional and it sorta 'invades' into your private life and your innermost wishes. Of course I know they mean well and thank them, say amen and move on but I still believe that it should be categorized with the 'Im Yirtzeh Hashem By You' and should be THOUGHT and not SAID by people to people.
On that note, I would like to wish all of you a gut g'bentched year, a kesiva vachasima tova, a year in which all of your Tefilos are answered l'Tovah and only health, happiness, success, Mazel and Bracha.
May we only share in Simchas and may that be each others!
Good Yom Tov & Shana Tova!

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  1. I hope that the Jews who get married this year will not forget about their single friends.