Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Free Tour Guide coming to a Date near you

I was reading Frumanista's blog and was a bit freaked out about how similar our situations are.
Yes, we are both single, frum, Hungarian girls :) looking for a great guy to grow old and complain with. Yes, we are both unfortunately stuck in the Shidduch system and even more so=whilst she was told that a guy who is well into his thirties was being open-minded by going out with her, I had something even MORE interesting happening whilst she was probably typing up that post.
I, too, was suggested a guy well into his thirties-yes, it turned out he was close to, if not already, the big FOUR 0. He was also very 'open-minded' in terms of him wanting a girl 10-20 years younger than him. The only difference here, was the lady who suggested him profusely thanked me for even letting her talk about the suggestion and for being such a sweetheart and such a good girl after I told her to send me the information (whilst rolling my eyes, nonetheless). She wasn't interested in setting up a date-more like a being a tour guide.
The guy told her he would be in town for business and wanted to keep busy whilst not in meetings, so she gave me very advanced notice and told me to keep my schedule open.
Lucky for me-turns out he was picky about something stupid (not age of course!) like haircolor and wasn't interested. 
No free tour guide for me. 
So much for him being 'open-minded' after all.
Thing is, I don't get why a guy, especially at his age can get away with such a stupidity minor 'pickiness' whilst if a girl said that, no matter how old she was, she would hear about it for weeks/months/years on end!


  1. Hungarian girl power!

    "Grow old and complain with" - I love it!

    This past Shabbos a woman comes up to me and starts saying how she read this "great" article about how when girls are single for longer they have to take apart the "framework," of what they are looking for. I was thinking of another article, in the same publication, which was saying how kids are getting married way too young and they are spoiled to boot. She didn't want to hear about my great article.

    As I say, the world is still sexist. We are too picky, men are discerning.

  2. I never cared about hair color or eye color; to me those things are not important at all.

    What impresses me more than anything else is a girl who hold by Shmirat HaLashon 100%.

    By this I mean not only avoiding Lashon HaRa, but avoiding ALL forms of forbidden speech, which by the way, is extremely difficult but extremely important to do.

    Very few girls hold by Shmirat HaLashon 100%, but that just makes them even more valuable.

  3. I am way past my 30s and when anyone asks what kind of girl I am looking for I always say, "Young and pretty."

    I don't think I'm being too picky -- but you never know.