Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tribute to Ayelet Galena A"H & her AMAZING parents

Warning: this post will not be about Shidduchim.
I am saddened, and heartbroken about the news that hit me like a ton of bricks, just a week and a half ago.
You see, like many of you readers, I receive the 'please say tehillim for..' and 'FW: TEHILLIM FOR...' emails and forward them to my contacts, many times without even scrolling down to read. However, when the first email about Ayelet appeared in my inbox, it was very descriptive and had some images of this pure, beautiful toddler with the big blue eyes smiling at the camera and after reading about this 1 year old and the search for a bone marrow match that her parents had spread word about, I couldn't help but NOT follow up about. So, I clicked on the link to their Facebook Fan Page and every so often would check for updates. I would continuously send out emails to say Tehillim, and from then on, a regular forwarded tehillim email, became part of me. I felt, well, like a 'fan'. After reading about what she went through that day, and the sometimes, humorous posts from her parents, I learned alot from these amazing people. Like most, I didn't know these people, yet, by them sharing what they were going through with thousands of people, I felt like I did know them.
Hindy & Seth, the parents of precious Ayelet A"H, are amazing. They kept up their strength and courage and put on their brave smiles. They kept he world up to date all the time. Anyone from anywhere around the world was just able to click on their blog and get up to date info, and sometimes even a photo of what Ayelet and her parents were going through.
And, so, when I received the email a week and a half ago, about a funeral to take place, my heart skipped a beat. I was...heartbroken to say the least. These people, these young parents, and this beautiful baby, became part of my life. Look at what they went through?! Look at how much they have suffered, at how far they have come. They found a match, Ayelet got the bone marrow, and despite all odds, she pulled through each and every time! She had just recently turned 2 and they let her go home to celebrate like a REAL 2 year old (minus the facemasks) and everything was look as good as possible. In fact, the last post that night was that so far she is stable.
I, a Frum single girl, who spends a good chunk of her time, poking fun at/complaining about/emailing/speaking, ranting about Shidduchim, the Shidduch crisis, Shadchanim and horrible dates (in the sense of GUY and actual DATE), how can I even complain about just a pesky small thing, when this 2 year old girl has been through soo much suffering. Her parents have gone through a tremendous amount of time spent in hospitals, at doctors, at her bedside, etc. What they would go through to have their child back. People, this is a wake up call. We need to appreciate all that we have been Blessed with.
We have our parents=Baruch Hashem for that
We have families=Baruch Hashem for that
Our families care about us (yes, even those annoying times, when they care too much) Baruch Hashem for that
We have friends=Baruch Hashem for that
Our friends would move worlds for us=Baruch Hashem for that
We are healthy=Baruch Hashem for that
We are happy=Baruch Hashem for that
We actually HAVE dates (even if they suck sometimes)=Baruch Hashem for that
We are safe=Baruch Hashem for that
Shadchanim are calling our house to set us up (even when they are such a nuisance)=Baruch Hashem for that

We are not suffering, our kidneys work, our hearts are beating, we are healthy, yes, we are single, but we are happy, we have families, we have friends. Think of Ayelet, and if you haven't already seen/heard/read about her, check out her website 'Eye on Ayelet' or visit her Facebook page, trust me, you will come to appreciate life. You will be happy with the small things in life. You will see that stupid things that bother(ed) you will not matter to you anymore.
This child endured such a tremendous amount of pain, she went through what no 1 year old should go through, her parents lived through all this with her, and tried to be as 'normal' as possible throughout-but they weren't normal, they were spectacular, they were unbelievable, they are true, honest, humorous, believeable, inspiring parents. We have aLOT to learn from them. Young people, thrown into parenthood, thrown into crisis, thrown into emergency situations. They got to work, they spread the word, they did all they can do. People's lives have changed because of them. I know mine did.
And so, comes this post. I feel it necessary to share this with all of you, because maybe like me, after reading about this story, you will understand why I am soo affected by this. Her loss, is devastating and has left thousands saddened. But her life was truly inspiring, and what they went through and how they lived through it is truly uplifting (to say the least)

May we all know of only Simchas and never know of such pain, heartache and suffering.

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