Thursday, February 16, 2012

The 'But' Factor

This post has been inspired by 'unknown woman', who just recently phoned my house and informed my parents that she heard they have a single daughter and she has a Shidduch in mind for said single daughter, aka, ME. Oh, and before she went on to her shidduch idea, she then asked my parents for my name and my details-lol! that should give you enough insight as to this post.
My parents, Bless their hearts and souls, gave her my name and told her before they go on further to describe the boy who she has in mind for me.
"Well", she said, "he's a great boy, a really good guy from a wonderful family, there is only one little thing" always a 'but factor' issue comes in>.."the boy was married."
But folks, this (the fact that he was married) was clearly not the 'but factor' for this woman, as she continued;
"the thing is her 'but factor' comes into play> it was only for a very short time.
AND it wasn't HIS fault".

So folks, this convo has now inspired me for my next post (see above): The Top Ten Ways to say 'He's not for me"

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  1. I've got a divorced guy rant saved as well. Of course it was never his fault, and the marriage lasted like 5 minutes (um, I don't see how that helps).