Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hearts, Chocolates, Roses Galore!

Happy Valentines Day y'all!
yup, can you imagine, the time has come where all those red hearts and roses and loads of chocolate are piled out there and in a in your face sorta way?
I must say, it gets annoying after a while, I mean, don't get me wrong, I LOVE chocolate, and honestly, as my good friends will attest, there is no way I can walk into any store, or down any aisle without pressing the 'squeeze me' stickers on each stuffed animal holding the rose/heart/choc. However, when ur single and in 'the game' for so long, it just tends to get well...annoying.
Yes, the ChickLits, the RomComs, they're sweet, and great to read/watch, but when your love life is well..NIL, having a whole day of dedicated to the Love of your Life and getting/giving gifts to them, or all those around you doing same, is rubbing it in.
For me, the Frum aspect of this is Vorts/engagement parties/weddings. It's all about the couple being lovey dovey, newly engaged/married and in your face. Only its ONE couple that everyone is celebrating and making a fuss about. Imagine if there was an annual group anniversary for all frum couples=there would be no room for us single folk.
So, on a day where many a couple are celebrating, or eating out, or enjoying some kinda romantic, cheesy outing/gift/film, etc. here's to all of us single folk, sitting alone infront of their pcs, eating the last chocolate from the box.....alone....
Hope next Valentines, the chocolate will be from ur hubby :D

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  1. Naw, we Jews don't do Saint Valentines day! (We claim because it's "goyish" but in reality we just buy the chocolate and roses the day after because it's a lot cheaper :P )