Wednesday, April 22, 2015

When a Girl Looks Nice...

Lately I've been trying whatever I can to make myself more 'appealing'. I'm not the type who gets weekly manicures or has a beauty regimen so the most effort on my part is wearing my hair down and treating myself to new eyeshadow. Oh and it goes without saying: buying some new clothes of course. Being sefira and all I couldn't wear the new clothes but I was able to enjoy the feeling of a nicely made up face with new spring pallet colors and my beautiful hair let down. It felt really good for a change to 'dress up' for ABSOLUTLEY no specific occasion and not having to rush anywhere. Just a chill regular ol' day. 
Which is why it was sorta a let down when every single co-worker of mine felt there needed to be a "reason" why I changed my look and looked 'nicer'. I mean with every compliment of 'wow your hair looks nice down' or 'you look great' came a backsided comment of 'you must be dating' or 'do you have a date tonight?' Or 'seeing someone perhaps?' And even 'so when r u making it official?'

Seriously guys?!?$ I mean seriously? Why can't people just give a compliment and then shut up. Do I have to explain that people shouldn't say stupid things or give out mouth filters? It's enough I have to deal with nutty shadchans and people trying to set me up but don't ruin my day and get all invasive. If you can't say anything nice don't say it at all. And if you could a small word of praise always helps :)


  1. Hey, people, it's not a compliment if (a) it makes it sound as though I looked atrocious until now or (b) you try to get some yentashag out of it.

  2. Unfortunately, to their mind, what they are saying IS nice. What needs to be done is to teach people that what they're saying is not, in fact, as much of a compliment as they think it is