Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sefira Beard Debate

Someone called me the other day with a comment, that I felt, was really not smart. She was upset that a friend of hers was busy dating and didn't tell her. She obviously found out by mistake, or through a third party, and feeling the need to vent, called lucky ME. After she unloaded how hurt she was and how close friends they are, she ended off with a one liner. 
"...anyway, I don't get why she is dating now, it's so WEIRD, who dates a guy when he has a Sefira beard?!?"
Obviously each person is different. I've dated during Sefira-some guys shave for business purposes, others for Shidduch purposes and some don't shave at all. Some have wild crazy facial hair, some have only 3 little straggles. I doubt any person in their right mind would ever push off a Shidduch for the reason of a simple Sefirah beard. If you like the guy, you like the guy. If you want to wait to see how he looks with or without a beard-then wait it out. Either way, if you're going to go ahead and marry him, he will look that same way during Sefira next year.
Am I nuts? I don't get what the whole issue is?!

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