Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Why Didya say "NO"?

This shadchan just called to give me a name of a guy. Well to put things in perspective, she called my mom to ask my mom about a guy for me (yes, even at my age she still refused to speak directly to me-seriously?)
Either way my mom called to ask if the name sounded familiar which it really did. I checked into my shidduch book and sure enough I dated the guy and couldn't quite remember any reasoning as to why we didn't do it he dating, other than him being weird. The shadchan was very pushy as to the reason why I said no. She wouldn't let down until we caved. I ran to look at my old whatsapp messages and sure enough (thank u iphone!) a search with his name gave us the answer: HE SAID NO. yes folks after the shadchan pushing and prodding as to why I wouldn't give it a second chance (which surprisingly and according to my whatsapps-I was willing to give it another try even tho he seemed uber weird), it wasn't even me who said no. 
Why is it that when a guy says no it's cool. But when a girl says no she has to have backup evidence and proper reasoning to her decision. Even when it want my decision in this case, I was guilted into believing it actually was me-which clearly in this case-it was not. No Sir ree

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