Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Minding their Own Business

"So" she said, in that questionable nagging yenta tone, "how was your summer? I hear your daughter was away for a few week? Hhhmmm? On vacation with friends or just New York visiting relatives? It looks like she lost weight. SOS-come here for a minute please. I was just telling your mom how great you look! Have you been dieting? New hairstyle maybe? She droned on and on and on. I imagine if sounded almost like the peanuts cartoon teacher. 
She was asking. Questioning. If something..."anything" was going on. 
After all-can't a single girl go away and breathe a little, let alone enjoy herself without having a date? Can't I just look good just once without that look and clicking of tongue as if to prove they know or atleast think they know the reason why I look so great (which ABSOLUTELY MUST be a guy, obviously!)
Why can't people just give a compliment and move on? 
It's a shame that in this day and age, people still don't know how to give people privacy and back off. Just cuz I'm single doesn't mean you get to interrogate and assume things and ask about my personal dating life.
Sheesh people!

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