Thursday, August 21, 2014

Just Call Me "Ma"

Awkward situations, that's my specialty. What can I say? I have a knack for getting myself into these circumstances!
This week's special: Standing on a platform at the local seamstress, with my skirt hiked up and her hand up my thigh, pinning the material in place. Not out of the norm. But when a familiar looking woman walked in and watched, whilst waiting her turn to try on her outfit, she had this look in her eyes that made me worry a bit. She kept staring and concentrating on my face (thank goodness it was only my face!) When the seamstress was done with me, she motioned for the woman to enter the room and change. The woman caught my arm and asked me to wait for her. 
I waited and when she was done she asked if I my name was "SOS" and I nodded. She then asked me a bunch of Shidduch questions and before I had a chance to answer the first, she quickly threw in the fact that she was asking because she had me in mind for her son!!! Talk about awkward!
Again, I don't know the woman that well. I knew her daughters from school, but we weren't the same age. Based on her and her girls, I wouldn't go out with her son for various reasons but I had no way out of this conversation.
She continued on and on about how her son was really looking for another 'type' of girl but we both live in the same city, are about the same age, single and looking to build a bayis ne'eman so why not just go out and give it a try?
I was stuck, and didn't want to insult her, but knew that there was no way I can say no, so I hummed and haawwed and then by chance, my cell phone blasts into the latest summer hit and I quickly excuse myself and tell her I'd be in touch.
How can I tell this woman 'Heck no, mam!' without insulting her?

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  1. OMG, been there! I hadn't known the woman well, though, so I said yes, but the guy wasn't remotely interested in me. He called, but didn't schedule a date. Phew.

    This is a toughie, there is no doubt about it. But you told her you would be in touch, right, not vice versa. Did she take down your contact info? If she didn't, she may just call up your house instead, and you can let your parents do battle. I hide behind mine whenever possible. It's great.