Monday, December 9, 2013

Rude Remark

In speaking with a shadchan last week, I was taken aback by something he said. I dealt with this shadchan in the past, he set me up a number of times and I was impressed by how on top of things he was. Once I told him that the guy he set me up with was 100% what I was looking for (the guy said no) and asked him to "keep an eye out", being really hopeful that if he hit the mark once, surely he must be able to do it again. Not yet though :(
In any case, just a bit of backgrounder: my Fam has some married sibs and some singles. My bro got married in May after being in the system for a while and I'm next in line, with 2 younger singles waiting for me to make a move so they can.
In any case, I called the shadchan as a 'friendly reminder' phone call and he asked me "didn't your brother get married this past year?" 
To which I replied the affirmative. 
He responded "great. So you had one simcha in your family already"
His response and the tone in which he was speaking ended it. I was basically being told by him to be thankful for the simcha (which B"H we are) and one a year was enough. 
Sheesh! And when I say a simple 'sorry-I don't think it's shayach' about a guy, I'm told I'm being rude??


  1. Why won't you let the ones younger than you date? It seems selfish and unfair.

  2. FG: when the younger ones came "of age" I told them ''misery luvs company" and that they didn't need my permission and were welcome to join the shidduch world. Here and there they date but I think they have this secret pact between them outta respect for me-the 'older single sibling'