Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hooked on a Guy

Being in Shidduchim is comparable to fishing. I feel like I spend my time swimmin in the sea of men in search of a good catch. Then there are the shadchanim, they are like sharks, after their bait. Obviously the bigger fish eat the smaller ones-people with the money get what they want & eat what they can get. 
I'm just a simple fish, or fisherman really, with my fishing for sitting there waiting for a tug, signaling a fish has caught my bait. When I get that tug, I do my Hishtadlus and reel that fish in. But lately I feel like my hook is stuck. See there's this one guy that was redd to me numerous times in the last few months by different people. He keep saying how interested he is but each time a different excuse keeps him from goin out with me. I already stopped believing all the excuses but he keeps on reassuring each person that he really IS interested in me. 
However, I'm tired of swimming around, of being pulled in by some dead piece of fish lying around the ocean. I want a guy who will take the hair because that's what HE want. He sees the bait and goes for it. Not a fish who gets hooked in and just pulls you around and around, keeps on tugging to remind you he's still there, single and "interested". 
No clue why this whole thing reminds me of fishing, especially cuz I know nothing of the way it works but what can I say, all this being shlepped around is making me nuts!

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  1. Maybe he's playing hard to get? I had a girl like that redt to me. Eventually I just got fed up with all the excuses and didn't even bother persuing. There's only so long you can lead someone else on.