Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

I was sitting at my desk doing my work when I noticed the delivery guy standing in the hall. He was holding a large bouquet of beautiful roses and what seemed to be a box with a shiny large bow on it. As he made his way across the cubicles and to the left my heart skipped a beat. He was on his way to my office. A secret admirer? A prank perhaps? Who would do this for me? After what seemed like forever Mr. Delivery guy was smiling at me as he knocked at the entrance of my door. I got up, smoothed the creases in my pencil skirt and quickly patted down the flyaway hairs in my face. As I met him at the door he asked 'where can I find ____'s office'?
No-I'm just kidding-the above in no way reflects my day or any other vallentine. It's just the way I feel, living as a frum single in today's society. Especially on the 14th of February-it's like an extra 'ha! Ur single-duh! And whose gonna get u the mushy card/romantic gift/awesome chocolates, beautiful flowers or secret gift? No, I'm not pining for anything big & bold (I do like little surprises tho (& chocolate). My morning started off with a stop at the local coffee shop for an extra espresso. The woman at the cash wished me happy valentine and handed me a shiny, pink foil wrapped heart chocolate. How depressing I thought, the barista, another woman, offering me the free chocolate. Sad. Anyway I don't celebrate it (duh! Especially as I'm single!) but I do read chiclits & watch romcoms so what is expected? A little bit of self-pity and then moving on. I used to joke about it with my other single friends and then we would go out, get a box of chocolates, share it whilst crying/laughing over Jewish dating experiences. Now I just wait until the day after, treat myself to some chocolates (with close friends) and daven that one day soon I'll have my own guy to share stories & chocolates with.
No need for delivery guy or flowers or big shiny boxes with boys. Just a guy, someone who is kind, funny, with-it, caring & a true mentch.
So here's a chocolate e-lchaim to all you out there!


  1. Especially bc it's cheaper the day after!

  2. So it is, SOTS, no desire for the Godiva box, but rather a life-long valentine.