Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Eight Dates in Eight Days?

I wanted to dare all you readers out there (unless....wait...has this been done already?!?!) to see if you can get eight dates in eight days in honor of the Eight Days/Nights of Chanuka. 
Wouldn't that be cool?
Wouldn't it be even more awesome if atleast ONE of those dates worked out?
Why hasn't any of the so-called 'shidduch groups' thought of this incentive? Even asking people to set up 'Eight (separate) dates' in eight days. I mean, where is the creativity these days?
I see about a dozen 'segula' advertisements in the Jewish papers/magazines, online. Odd that no one came up with a Chanuka themed Shidduch incentive. Especially as it is a cheerful Holiday, around the time of 'vacation' for the working class citizens who work in the real world and get off atleast two days/weekends in December....and the fact that there are Chanuka 'gifts' makes dating a whole lot more fun. That, as well as all the cool activities/places to go around this time year (all the trees, lights, sparkly/shiny/glittery things, skating, ice sculptures, etc).
Anyway, just thought I'd throw it out there. 
Anyone who is up to the challenge, please let us know how it went if either you were setting someone up or you, yourself have been set up.


  1. "Please let us know"...I never realized there was more than one of you...

  2. Wondering Minds:

    Royalty customarily say "WE" or "US";
    since every Jewish girl is a royal princess...

  3. I also had that question.

    But Mr. Cohen, I suspect she was referring to us, her readers as the "us" in that sentence. ZP does a fantastic job painting every girl as a princess. Let her handle it. She's not condescending about it.

    I was wondering about the first sentence: I want to date all you readers out there... Hmmm...

  4. WM & Eugene: Mr. Cohen got it right this time=I'm a Jewish girl, hence princess, hence royalty, so I used the term 'us'. I guess all the media surrounding Princess Kate being pregnant sorta got into my mind whilst typing the post. Sheesh-everyone here is really picky about ONE term.
    Lost & Found: Forgive my second typo in same post-I edited it, so now it reads, as it was meant to: 'dare'.

    1. Ah, yes, that makes more sense. Thanks for the clarification.

  5. Hmm, I've dated 3 guys in one week- I think that's the max tho... eight guys in eight evenings... dunno...