Sunday, March 25, 2012

The 'Why' Question

Too bad there isn't an 'italic' option for titles on this blog, otherwise the emphasis on 'why' would've been more showy.
In any case, you now get the point of this post, folks. Y'see, lately the same names have been coming up as suggestion for me. Each time, I politely thank the person suggesting it and then tell them that it was suggested once before already and nothing came of it, or we went out and it's not for me, or it's not shayach, etc.
Now, if this were a perfect world...well, if this were a perfect world, we'd all be happily married and not reading this post. But, if this would be a realistic perfect world, the suggester would say, 'oh, sorry, I thought it was a good shot' and the likes of something that sounds like 'better luck next time' and drop the subject. But, no, my fellow readers, people don't know how to drop a subject, they feel the need to bury deeper. Get some kinda meaning outta this whole suggestion and not just let it go now that they have your attention.
So then comes, the 'why' question(s), like 'it didn't work out? Well, why not?' or the 'maybe you should go out again. you know so & so went out 5 years earlier and then they dated again and now look, they're happily married' or 'what happened? why didn't it go further? why don't you give it another never know, I mean, you're both single & it wasn't so far off the first time..'
So, I feel that when a suggestion comes in, even if the suggestion is SOooo far off from what I'm looking for, or such an insult of a guy, I still try and remain polite & thank the person for the suggestion. Even if the suggestion is a good one, once they get to the 'why' question(s), I sorta freeze/get annoyed/mad/frustrated, etc. Each time, I still remain polite & calm, but once I'm done the conversation, I really get upset. It's like you havta give details about your personal life to any lunatic who suddenly hears you are single and wants to know 'WHY WHY WHY'.
Frankly, it's annoying. I like my personal life to remain...well, PERSONAL.
How would you answer the WHY question?


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