Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Opening the door for the girl-Mendy Pellin style


  1. As a female, I say, I am not an invalid. I can certainly open the door for myself.

    Funny story: On my sister's first date with her now husband, he opened the car door for her. She said, thanks but I can open the door just fine by myself. When she got home and my father heard that, he sat her down and said, a guy is a guy, let him be a guy and do the masculine thing.
    So on their second date she said, 'my father says I have to let you open the door for me'.

    Apparently he likes her sarcastic streak. They are happily married for 3 years :)

    But I'm a big girl. Thanks, I can open it myself.

  2. Sorry, but it has NOTHING to do with being able to open doors yourself. I am a super independent girl and the reason I didn't like guys opening doors for me was for its artifice. It's like, I'll open doors for you while we date, then treat you like a rag once we're married...The beauty about real mentsches, like my hubby, is that although he did not open the door for me on our first date he has always tried to open the door for me once we got married. It makes me feel special every single time he does it. And he doesn't do it in order to impress me, he does it because he believes in treating me like a queen. Cheesy but true :)