Tuesday, January 17, 2012

There's a Time for EVERYTHING!

2 great things happened this week!
2 guys I know got engaged!
well, I don't really know them-know them. except the reason why it is so great that they got engaged, was cuz both of them were suggested to me....
numerous times...
y'know, the type where the mother/grandmother/aunt/sister/in-law/cousin/neighbor/bestie think it's the BEST shidduch yet! and they don't let you forget that each time they see you.
Well, one of the guys fits into the category above. Literally, his mother met me, some mutual person suggested it whilst we were in the same room, it was REALLY awkward, cuz it was everything BUT shayach in all ways, but even tho everyone around including me KNEW it was the most crazy shidduch suggestion ever-his mother thought it was amazing and jumped at the idea. So ya, it was like avoidance anytime I knew I might be seeing her/passing her by. Yay-one down. Thank you Hashem for finding him his zivug!

Now, for dude #2, he was suggested to me like for sure 5-6 times by different people, different walks of life, cities, circles, etc. Each time I would repeat the story that the boy gave which was always greyish in the sense that there was no story really, it was just a blurred-out excuse, something to the tune of 'well, now it not really a good time...busy....trying to decide what to do with my life....on vacation...taking a break.....not available, etc.' but each time the Shadchan who suggested it would make me send the resume, the photo, the deets and get back to me with one of the above excuses. The last shadchan who called me about dude #2, was seriously and I mean seriously annoying. She picked at every phrase and pulled it apart word by word asking what I meant by that and how certain words can have a double-connotation and certain ways things were said, etc. when finally, after the longest conversation with her, she said she didn't really know dude #2, but heard about him through a mutual friend and told me she would be in touch.....so now it's a really long time later and I found out through the grapevine that dude #2 is engaged. FINALLY-all his excuses now make sense (or do they???)

So single folk=here's to continued celebrations for a week of 'a time for everything' and literally, I'm really enjoying this time! That's one guy's mom and a whole lotta other people who will not be (s)talking me anymore.


  1. This sounds a lot like the reverse side of the coin for the feelings that I described in my post "The Mixed Mazal Tov" http://walkingthegreyline.blogspot.com/2010/05/mixed-mazal-tov.html when someone you wanted to go out with/liked gets engaged.

  2. Shades-I read your post, and I just wanna say, even though I mourn the loss of any possibility in my situation (see my newest post), I am trying to be happy for him, but in all of honesty-I'm seriously jealous of the NEW GIRL.

  3. Same here! I had gone out with this really nice guy but he wasn't for me. Then I heard he got engaged to my neighbor, and I was so happy for him I was walking on air!

  4. I hear the idea of jealousy, and it may take a few days for reality to sink in. Beyond that, I'd be a little worried if you're still concerned that she "got him" before you had your chance. At some point, we all have to take a step back and assess what life around us really is.

    I know how hard that can be. I had an on-and-off-again close-ish female friend who was my first "Mixed Mazal Tov" who was someone I knew while growing up. Hence, I had a few years worth of pining after her to get out of my system, which was not so simple as you can imagine.