Wednesday, January 18, 2012

GirlTalk...from single to married & still sounding stupid


  1. It is actually used by the very crude.

  2. I would have said "pinch" - as my not-religiously observant aunt attempts to perform whenever she's in my presence.

  3. I'm a single BY girl in shidduchim and never used/nor have heard the expression 'bite his tush' when describing someone cute from infant to adult.
    Having said that-Shades, that's pretty amusing. I know lotsa people's aunts like that

  4. “According to the statistics, in 1971 the chance of a 35-year-old woman
    in Israel being unmarried was 1 in 40.

    Today, at least one in four women of that age is unattached.
    The situation is the same with men.”

    SOURCE: The Jerusalem Post 6/27/2012 in the article "Israel is swamped with singles" by Arieh O’Sullivan.)