Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Disclaimer on Dates

Firstly-Happy New Year!
For those still reading=assuming you didn't have someone to share your midnight/new years kiss with-let's hope that you find one by next year!

Now I'm gonna rant about people who set you up, or who wanna set you up, whom I call the 'disclaimer date' people. You know the ones who say, "I have this great guy....I really think it could work....totally sounds your type...' but then add in the little line 'I havta tell you that I honestly never met him.....don't really know him that well....heard of sister/uncle/husband/wife knows him really well...' and that's where it ends. Either you date the guy or not, but whatever happens-they already wash their hands of any outcome as they claim not to know the guy or not to know him well enough-yet they do believe it's the guy for you.
Yes, well, lately I'm experiencing alot of these disclaimers-some, after I do some checking, make sense=the guy is a TOTAL NOT shayach (for lack of any other rude word) and they feel the need to mention him because he's in 'my type' of category. For others, all the info checks out, we date and then the guy ends up being a TOTAL NOT shayach (again, for lack of rude word) and then when I call back after the date, the excuse is 'well, don't get upset at me, i DID mention that I don't REALLY know him...'
How do you take that?

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  1. Thanks for the post - I hear you! Here's related to our reNEWed koach and kavanah, please G-d, in 2012 - hatzlacha...