Saturday, November 5, 2011

Kate-Welcome to the Frum world!

The last few days the media has been focusing on the rumours that Kate Middleton is expecting. From the photos, to what she didn't eat, to the videos to the psycho-analysts, this is what the world is busy with. After all, we all love her, but c'mon isn't everyone entitled to their privacy, even the Royals? I mean they kept her wedding dress tightly under wraps, as well as the honeymoon plans, can't the media just leave her/them, alone until the Royal couple decides to make an official statement when they are ready for the world to know?
Well, Kate, welcome to our world. You turn 18 and suddenly you're thrust onto the market. If you look good, people give you the look and start to wonder if you're dating/getting engaged that day. If you're hair/makeup/dress is different, you get eyes all over you, people speculating exactly why there is a change in/about you.
And when finally, you get engaged and it's official and you have the beautiful wedding you've always dreamed of-it ain't over yet. From the sheva brachos until you put on maternity-people have their eye on you. The way you stand, where you put your hands, what you drink/eat, what you're wearing, if you've gained/lost weight. We all know what they're thinking, we all know what's on their minds, but c'mon people: leave the newlyweds ALONE! Can't everyone enjoy some privacy? Trust me, when they're ready to tell you-they will. When there's news-you'll know. There's no need for discussions, looks, speculations and judgment in the interim.
We all know the order in the life-cycle and eventually everyone gets to whatever stage they need to in due time. When they're ready to share any personal information-it's their decision to share it. So no questions should be asked, no comments should be made, no looks should be given. Just do the adult thing and leave them be, until they're ready to share.


  1. Considering the fact that the first son she gives birth to (or daughter if there are no sons) will be the future Sovereign of the United Kingdom, it is understandable that people are curious about any possibility of a child.

    The Wolf

  2. royalty is never safe from publicity, its a choice in life style too so i dont feel that bad

  3. So basically being frum has the same effect of being famous. Interesting.

    Or I guess you could order along the bas-melech lines. ;)