Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Is There a Maximum Amount of Times to Get Redd?

OK, so here's what's been on my mind this week:
how many times can you get 'redd' to the same guy in your entire singlehood (term made up by yours truly)?

I know there are only 'so many' single guys out there, and it narrows down the list of single men when you get more specific to what 'type' of guy you want, and then there's background, religious level, working/learning, etc. so the pool of guys I get offered to are usually friends with each other-which works out GREAT in terms of getting info=I go out with one guy, he mentions a few friends, 2 of which I've heard of, and I get to sorta find out about them thru him=well, mostly NOT, cuz I usually don't ask about other single guys when I'm out with one, but ok.

So then there's the people who believe that if you heard of a guy a few times, it must mean something. Ya-been there & done that, more than once and trust me=the only thing it DID mean, was there was a real good reason all those other times never worked out=NOT FOR ME.

But then recently, a few separate people mentioned the same guy, who was redd to me more than once a few years back and nothing came of it. Should I get annoyed? or just politely say thank you and decline?


  1. Do u actually have a super good reason to say no? I mean if he's out of your comfort zone of what ud like in a husband, unless he's a bad person you loose nothing by checking him out and then u cud say been there done that. Ps: my brother did marry a girl he was redd to a few times, he's one of those

  2. I don't know what the maxim (should be) is, but I know of several stories where a re-redt led to a Maeel tov.

  3. I had a pretty good reason-and in the meantime, the guy kept saying NO each time, so it was NO on both ends-yet it keeps comin' back to haunt!