Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Always ASK First!

Lately I've been hit by the 'send your resume' trend. By this I don't imply people calling and just asking me to send my resume....well, technically, I DO sorta mean that, but I guess the calls that have been coming in lately, and the traffic that I was causing in cyberspace by sending out all the emailed attachments, were such a nuisance that I decided to put an end to it.
I knew there was no way to actually STOP sending resumes, cuz obviously people still need my info, but there had to be SOME way I can sorta censor what I was sending, to whom, and if there was a good enough reason, other than 'well they requested you email your info', especially when half the people either already had my information emailed/faxed/given to them.
So, here was my brilliant idea: always ASK who they have in mind before sending out the info. Like, when I take down the email address where I will be sending the resume, I ask them the name of the guy in case he was suggested before, or we went out, etc.
I tried this the last few times I got calls and 3 out of 4 of the people were suggesting boys who I had heard of/dated in the past and were not shayach. Hence, I save myself the time, energy, etc of sending out my resume, saving the people time of calling/emailing back and forth all for no reason.
I told a friend of mine about my theory, and she put it to the test. Guess what? the guy she was asked to send her resume for was already suggested more than once in the past and also had her info. So she saved herself from aggravation.
That's my friendly advice=it can't hurt to ask first!

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