Monday, October 24, 2011

I HATE playing 'The Game'

Last week I called yet another NEW Shadchan.
y'know those people you randomly meet, or the nice neighbors whose daughter of 18 1/2 years just got engaged, so now they feel they can share their segulah secrets, and give you the name of all Shadchanim they dealt with, etc. Ya, so basically, we got some more numbers and made some more introductions, well, y'all know the drill....

After all the calls and emails and texts, one of the Shadchanim actually got in touch and agreed to meet me. So, there I was yapping away, telling the Shadchan about all my horror date stories and making fun of the real bad ones and it was totally cool. I was actually beginning to like the Shadchan when the topic of sending photos came into play. I explained how I felt, honestly, and how I understood that photos are great-you can save yourself alot of time, effort and traveling sometimes just by viewing one, but at the same time, it should be a give & take thing=boy wants photo, he should send one as well, etc.
side note-I've done this in the past and it has worked well. I don't mean it worked well as in I got tons of pix of hot guys, but I mean that both sides were mature about it, cooperated, sent pix, were honest about whether after viewing the pix they wanted to go ahead and case closed.
I guess that was my downfall cuz then the Shadchan went on a whole rant about having to play the 'Shidduch Game'. No offense my single friends, but I HATE to play any type of Shidduch game. Ya, I LOVE to play-sports, dance dance, farmville, scrabble, anything fun and exciting, but when it comes to real people and people's lives and emotions=there are no fun & games involved in such things. I explained that I'm an honest person and as much as I love crazy things and acting all nutso sometimes, I can't fake anything, nor can I play along with any games, just so that a guy would be willing to go out with me-it's just soo not my thing! I don't like to deceive people, especially when it comes to Shidduchim and I don't like being deceived either.

Anyway, turns out that convo didn't go that smoothly, but I just hate to think how many people are just playing the game just to be in it.


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