Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tu B'Av

I know it's a tad too late for this, but being that I forgot to post it 'bo bayom', I still wanted to put it out there.
So y'all know about Tu B'Av. It's like THE DAY for Shidduchim. The day that in the past, all the girls went out with their pretty (borrowed) dresses and danced in the vineyards, and the young single men would go out and look for themselves a wife. Being that they all borrowed dresses, the men were told not to look at the beauty but of the families wherein the women came from, as the true beauty of a woman is on the inside, her essence, her core, her Yiras Hashem.
It is a celebrated day as 2 bans were lifted from the Jews on this day in the past: they were allowed to remarry the sons of Binyamin and (2) that girls whose father died were allowed to marry out of their Shevet.
Basically, it is what I call a 'Segulah Day' or in more simple terms: 'A day to remind us we're all single and need to find our zivug'
This year, as in the past, we received more than a few phonecalls where people told us a few segulos, offered to say Tehillim on my behalf or had an idea in mind and they just figured because Tu B'Av was now, maybe they should 'redd' it on that day, etc. I rolled my eyes at each call thinkin, here we go again, but at the same time, reminding myself that as annoying as this may be, these people are just honestly trying to help. In truth, I am (still) single, that's my matzav at the moment and I should be doing my utmost to find my future mate, but as a Frum girl I'm sorta limited in the sense that I'm not gonna put on my leather mini skirt and hang out in the bars.
Darn, why can't we all just borrow each others clothes and have a flashmob of frum single girls dancing to the same song and let the guys watch and choose?


  1. It wasnt a day that the ban was lifted on binyamin, it was a day binyamin was able to get around the ban. The fathers couldnt give their daughters to binyamin, so instead the men of binyamin went and grabbed the girls

  2. Oh man, that sounds AWESOME! A frum flashmob!? I'm in if you are! ;)

  3. Frum Flashmob is apt. We'll dance "Yidden."

    My objection to segulos, besides on religious grounds, is that those who offer them tend to think they are making the same effort as redding me someone.

    Whenever someone tells me, offhandedly, to try this or that, how about redding me your nephew instead?

  4. I have a feeling a Frum Flashmob would just dissolve into a gender-divided awkward social scene or something... maybe we could bring some icecream along to encourage the ahava :).