Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer for Singles?

Since the start of summer I've heard many 'single' comments, mostly directed at me, such as:
'Isn't it easier to get a date in the summer? it's quieter then'
'you should go on vacation, maybe you'll meet a nice guy-who knows?'
'He's burnt out, he's taking the summer off'
'You shouldn't go on vacation, you should be dating-your first priority should be to get married. THEN, once that's taken care of, only THEN can you go on vacation (with your hubby)'
In any case, I can go on and on and on, as have some of the people who were quote above, but seriously peoples, my fellow singles, is this nuts?
Do you find that you get more or less dates in the summer than during the year? I don't know about most of you, but I have a typical office job, where we were ALL year round, no summers off. I'm always ready to date, even if a guy comes in and it's crazy hectic at work and at home, I make time in my schedule to date him and I expect anyone to do the same for me.
Also, what's this about burnt out? We're all burnt out and we all need vacas, but from the looks of it (after seeing many friends marry), you only get to go on vaca-at your HONEYMOON. Until then, guys & gals, it's like Shidduch Boot Camp!
And why can't we enjoy single life? This is the time to enjoy, no responsibilities (to a spouse, children, etc), care-free, relax, party on. I'm all for vaca, anytime you can take it-grab the opportunity, who knows when you'll have the chance to chill with friends again. You don't wanna regret that.
So, do you think Summer is for Singles or would you say Summer is for Shidduchim (only!)


  1. Yeah, I don't get it either. Work is work, all year 'round. I never understood it when teachers would say that the three weeks are in summer because summer = good time. Hello? We don't stay in school forever.

    I don't have more dating now - and I've gotten the "burnt out" line as well.

    I'm not a vacation sort of person; I make a point to relax in some way or another on a daily basis, because if I had to stay wound-up all the time and wait for vacation I would end up in a rubber room.

    And I would not encourage people to wait to vacation when they are married - because it is the aunts (like me!) who get stuck with the kids. YOU got kids, YOU'RE stuck with them until they marry!

  2. Summer is for singles!!!! if a guy comes along, a shidduch or you meet him somewhere, great! if not, have fun, enjoy whatever you decide to be doing
    Now if you're working in an office job, you need to make it feel like summer!!!
    Go to the beach, go out at night and by the way, the best parties are without the boyz!!!
    SO just take a break from your routine, whatever it may be and then you'll be fresh to date again :)

  3. Once you're married it will be hard to find time to vacation or spend time with your friends- take advantage of that while you're single!
    I've also heard the "burnt out" line before from shadchanim. If the single guys can take a break, then we're entitled to one too. I wonder who came up with that line in the first place... it's so ridiculous.