Sunday, September 26, 2010

Smile and wave boys, smile and wave?

This one's for my friend, Chavi:
For those of you who are fans of Dreamworks movie cartoon "Madagascar", you know the title for this post is credit to the movie, or shall I say, credit to the the penguins IN the movie, but at the same time, is also very relevant to this post.
For some history: Years ago, I dated a guy, in fact, we only went out once, and whilst the date itself was just ok, the guy spoke a little too much about the things he was into and the people who hung out with, which led me to say no, as it wasn't things or people I would like to be associated with at all. Shortly afterward, an old college friend of mine was getting married. Turns out the guy she was marrying was friends with the boy I dated and guess who just 'happened to show up' for the wedding? The guy I said no to.
Now, knowing the personality of this boy, who should've been, but wasn't ashamed of his so-called 'hobbies' and or 'buddies', and infact was a proud person, I knew, to keep away from him. However, somehow he 'found' me at the wedding, and whilst going with friends to get Shtick for the Kallah, this guy decided to be all 'casual' and do the 'look cool by leaning against the wall and just happen to stand in the path of the girl' thing. I noticed him from far and walked with my friends, totally ignoring him. Normally, if he was a decent guy, perhaps I would've waved, or looked up and smiled to acknowledge his presence, but because I knew he was sorta gutsy, and I was with friends, I walked on the other side of the hall, trying to avoid the awkwardness.
The guy purposely called out my name loudly and my friends looked at me strangely. I looked over and he was like 'hey, whatsup? I knew you'd be here'. I was MORTIFIED! however, I answered something to the likes of hi, and mazel tov and quickly ran for the Shtick.

Now, whilst there are some times I would 'smile and wave' other times I would rather 'cross the road' or 'bury my head in the sand', especially when its the kinda guy who'se 'type' I would rather NOT associate myself with.

But, for those of you who think maybe I'm too cruel, here's a more recent happening. The last guy I dated was a really nice, decent, bochur, I havta admit that. He treated me with utmost respect and was a true mentch. Unfortunately, we were getting nowhere or shall I say, we stayed nowhere on each date, so we called it quits. In any case, a few weeks later we both end up in the same place, and luckily, actually crossed paths on more than one occasion. Now, to prove even more what a mentch the guy was, and how you treat someone the way you are treated, we both ended up greeting each other. It was nice, civil and even though it was a bit awkward, we are both mature adults and treated the situation as such.

So when it comes down to it, I think you smile and wave at the boys who are decent (and for some, to the boys who you would want to smile and wave at you !)


  1. The way this guy behaved was immature, bratty, and frankly a little scary. Draping himself on the wall to get your attention - to what end? You said no. End of story - while he should have gone into hiding, or rather ignored you (which is how I roll if I come across former dates).

    With this guy, you really don't have to explain why you didn't see him again. It's self explanatory.

  2. Well, while you were right about not caring to wave back, this guy didnt really do anything wrong, he just wanted to catch your attention. Even so, there is nothing wrong with just saying hi to someone whom you dont consider decent enough, he probably won't bite lol and nobody is going to think anything ... :)

  3. Saying a pleasant hello to the dates of the past I have no objection to. A guy insisting on an awkward confrontation and calling your name so everyone can hear I do have an objection to.