Saturday, September 11, 2010


My friend, Ruchie, introduced me to this website called which is a great website where you can hear and/or watch shiurim online by some of the greatest speakers, Rabbis, teachers, etc.
By trying to get me to watch a shiur before Rosh Hashana, she suggested I watch one of the shiurim which she already saw and could therefore recommend, based on our similar taste of shiurim and on a topic which is very pertinent-none other than dating and marriage. I must admit, when she first told me to go to the website and watch a shiur, I had in mind to watch 5 minutes and tell her I saw it, and then I wouldn't feel guilty to NOT watch a free shiur in my own home anytime, during Elul, however, I ended up watching the entire hour of the shiur and then some more from Rabbi Orlofsky, who gave the shiur.
So, if you appreciate a sense-of-humor and are looking for a shiur that's down to earth, knowledgeable, practical, etc. I recommend Rabbi David Orlofsky's shiur.
Again, I'm fairly new to the site and haven't watch all shiurim by all the Rabbis, but as a starter-feel free to watch the shiur at the link above.


  1. Is this his famous shiur on shomer negiah?

  2. no its not-but please! do share!-where we can hear/see this shiur?!

  3. Here you go:

    I started watching your shiur and some of it sounded vaguely familiar so just wanted to see if I'm listening to the same shiur I heard 2 years ago. I think it's just Rabbi Orlofsky's humor though. Thanks for sharing!