Thursday, February 6, 2014

This One is for the Out of Towners

Props to fellow friend and reader, Naomi, for sending me this article which was featured in the Mishpacha.


  1. Everything thats wrong with the shidduch system summed up in one story. Sad that Mishpacha prints this and gives credence to the mentality ....

  2. Bashert is bashert, no matter what!

  3. I couldn't get past the first paragraph where sexist, gendered stereotypes were stated as facts. Noooooo thank you.

  4. Being lost in a forest is worse? Those poor boys, with soo much choice!
    I think I know all I need to know about this article. No thank you. Most articles from Mishpacha annoy me, I don't think this one will be the exception to the rule.

  5. Rabbi BenZion Halberstam, second Rebbe of Bobov, smoked cigars.
    When his doctor told him that smoking is unhealthy, he quit smoking immediately and never smoked again.

    SOURCE: Gut Voch (paragraph titled: Will Power To Live, found in chapter 7, on page 84) by Avrohom Barash, 1998 CE, Mesorah Publications, Brooklyn, New York, ISBN 1-57819-273-9 (paperback);.

    MICROBIOGRAPHY: Grand Rabbi Ben Zion Halberstam (born 1874 CE, died 1941 CE) succeeded his father as the second Rebbe of Bobov at the age of 31. He wrote a commentary on the Torah called Kedushas Tzion. He was murdered by Nazis, שמם ימח.