Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Isn't it weird walking around these past 2 weeks and seeing the red, pink, hearts, chocolates, perfume and flowers, everywhere? What about the romcoms that are playing almost every night leading up to the big day?
I mean, it's not exactly weird for me, this happens each year, and the stores all change their windows in honor of this one day. On the other hand, even though the "holiday" is meaningless, I can't help but sigh and think wouldn't it be nice to get chocolates from a boyfriend? What about a small card or cutesie gift, for no reason other than "just cuz"?
So ya, I feel like V-Day is just another reminder, or can I say small "pinch" to remind me that I'm single. I have no one (yet) to buy me a small chocolate rose, to give me a small card, a small note, I would even settle for a text message of 2 words, but I have to wait for it. 
The best things in life take the longest time to get, right? You need to be 18 to be able to drive, drink, even 21 to be legal age, some places even 25 to rent a car when you're in vaca. Wine takes years to ferment into the best possible taste. Hoping that my hubby-to-be is ripened and ready for the pick. 
In the meantime, enjoy ur V-Day chocolate hearts :)