Sunday, May 26, 2013

Snap Happy

I was at a wedding last week and when it was all over, I walked out confused. You see, I had this weird thing happen to me and I wasn't sure how to view it. I know how I reacted immediately and how I feel about the whole episode, but I was trying to see if there was something I was missing. Therefore fellow blogreaders-I'm hoping you can enlighten me. 
Here's how it all started:
I was at a friend's wedding which was really great. The music was AWESOME, I had a great table and was enjoying myself. I noticed my cellphone ringing on the table (yay for extremely uncommon yet LOUD ringtones) and took the call. I walked out of the dining hall into the outside hall so that I can hear the caller. It was a good friend of mine who I hadn't spoken to in a while and I was happy that I was able to pick up when she called. I was talking to her in a quiet and empty corner of the hall, away from the people/music, when I noticed a lady pass by. A few minutes later, I was still on the phone and I see the same woman standing back and holding something up. I was distracted with the call but it seemed as if she was trying to take a picture with her phone of whatever was behind me. I turned around but there was nothing there-just some small table with empty glasses from the shmorg, a few table cards that were left behind and me. I ignored her (knowing the kind of lady that she is=drei kupp, some would say) and kept on talking when she walked over to me-clearly seeing I was talking to someone, and turned me with her hand, telling me I looked so 'young  and beautiful' that she wanted a photo of me. She then snapped a few photos while I was talking
Now folks-I have nothing to do with this woman. Why would she want a photo of me? Even if she had someone in mind-this was clearly rude. We are NOT friends, not even acquaintances, this was NOT ok. Plus I was on the phone speaking to someone and if there was any reason to want a photo, she could've simply asked me later!
In any case, I continued my call, put my hand up to block her from viewing any part of me, put my other hand on my phone against my ear and walked away.
Does anyone think this woman had anything else in mind!?!?! Is this what the world has come to?!


  1. That's a little intrusive... I am sure she only had good intentions (I hope), but that was a little ridiculous...

  2. She should not have taken your picture without your permission.

    But, in accordance with the principle of judging others favorably, maybe she photgraphed you because she was so overwhelmed by your magnificent beauty that she was unable to think clearly?

    I have never seen you and I do not know what you look like, so that could be true.

    Or maybe she wantede to show your picture to her clothing salesman so she can purchase the clothes you were wearing for her next simchah?

  3. Rachelli-thanks for your honesty-ridiculous INDEED!
    Mr. Cohen-nice thought-but doubt I'm THAT beautiful that she was taken aback-plus I wasn't wearing anything spectacular. But keeps the thoughts coming

  4. Ah, nutters. She could have had an eligible nephew/cousin/neighbor in mind. Love that "Drei kupp" reference.

  5. It is obvious.. She wanted to Shtoop you or should I say she wanted you to Shtoop her lol