Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Name Dropping Part II

I probably posted about this before, but I just wanna say that Name Droppers irk me. I can't stand them. They are totally & utterly useless, even though they think they are doing the WORLD's chessed job by calling/emailing/texting you a guy's name. But that's where it stops. If you're lucky, there are 2 other mini descriptions (age? city?) but usually it stops at that.
In fact, I once had a woman from my community call me up and drei my kupp for atleast 20 minutes about this AMAZING guy. She name dropped and told me to look into him. Sure enough with the 2 bits of info I had, I called around everyone I knew and truth be told=the guy DIDN'T exist. I don't know if she was confused, or mixed up the name, or something, but whoever was 'supposed' to know him, never had heard of him.
Another such situation-last week I had one of those 'unknown' caller ids show up on my phone. I hesitantly answered and it was this random woman. She said she got my name from someone who knew someone's sister and that she heard I was single and looking for a 'learner-earner' type guy. When I confirmed that I was, she told me she just 'heard' of a guy who might be my type. She gave me his name, city and age-zeh hu. Then she told me if I was interested based on her information (is she kidding?!?! WHAT information exactly?!!) then the way it works is that I should email the boy my photo directly and she proceeded to provide me with his email address. I thought this was a prank call, but the woman seemed very serious. I'm still in shock, I mean usually there's a resume, or a shadchan, or someone to 'redd'ing the shidduch, or ATLEAST a reference. I have no problems swapping pix, but that's after we both did some checking atleast so it's not that superficial. 
Point being-name droppers drive me nuts!


  1. They drive me bonkers. They just want to talk, and sound as though they are doing something, but then they leave you high and dry.

  2. You should start working with a shadchan and an intermediary...I know this is become less and less in style, but your blog is a representation of what happens when we try to work outside the system. Working in it is frustrating and comes with challenges but there is less stress not having to be bugged about every other guy that pops into someone's head.

  3. when i saw the title i thought you meant name droppers- as in someone says no to a boy based on a name, like if he has a really weird uncommon last or first name and after they hear that they just say no.