Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pesach for Singles

Let's face it, Pesach isn't exactly a Yom Tov for singles.
For families? sure
For mothers, there's the cleaning, cooking, preparation, etc.
For fathers, there's the matzah baking, bedikas chametz, burning, selling, afikoman, etc.
For kids, well Afikoman OF COURSE, as well as cool arts & crafts, loads of haggadah creating, not to mention divrei torah, and chol hamoed trips.
But for singles? what to do we get? helping in the house with chores, some baking, cooking and cleaning. Giving up our rooms for the Marrieds & Co, getting gifts for the kiddies, but nothing else really.
Every so often there's the awkward Chol Hamoed date where there's no where to go without bumping into the entire community as like everyone is off school/work and there are only so many places you can go without being seen. Plus, no restaurants or coffee shops sorta make it difficult. Not to even mention g'brokts & non-g'brokts, kitniyos, etc.
Let's just say, if there was a Haggadah for Singles, the theme in my house would be 'Ha Lachma Anya', or more specifically the part where we all invite the guests, and by that I mean the SINGLE guests.
Imagine, all single guys piling into my house for the Seder, it would be a one night date where we could observe so much about a guy.
How he says his brachos, how he reads from his haggadah, if he participates in the Seder and how. Will he space out and be bored and passive, or participate, sing a long, share some Divrei Torah?
If he helps serve/clean up, or eats like a slob. If he serves others first, or serves himself first.
There is so much to get outta a Singles Seder. So, if you're a guy and single, and lookin for a Seder to join, c'mon over & join us!

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