Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's Rainin Men...

The entire day has been, well, typical English weather-dark, dreary, cold and rainy.
I looked at the window, and was sorta happy that it was raining, otherwise I wouldn't wanna be stuck indoors all day Pesach cleaning and would probably prefer to be outdoors tanning/biking/walking/shopping/ice coffeeing, etc.
Anyway, so I'm scrubbing away in the kitchen and then it really starts to pour, and in typical SOS fashion, I start bellowing 'It's rainin men, Halle..' and then my mother, from down the hall asks if it really is raining. I stopped for a second and thought, if it really would be raining men, my mother would be the first one to run outside with a BUCKET, to collect all these men and then keep the best for, well, for me.
I then went down the hall to my mother and brought her a bucket....a bucket to clean with.
Too bad it ain't rainin men....

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