Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What Makes him a "good" Chap

So there's this kind woman, who honestly, tries her best to help me out with Shidduchim. Every so often she sends me a résumé of a guy who is totally NOT for me in any way, shape or form. Then I feel all bad about letting her down for trying to help and laugh to myself as I get in touch with her to tell her plain and simple "nuh uh". 
Well, the same woman called me up yesterday with an idea. This time, though, she claimed that although she didn't know the boy or his family at all (as per her past suggestions), she had a "reason" as to why he would be a good "chap". 
The reason?
Not cuz of similar backgrounds, nope. (Not even Hungarian!)
Not in same age bracket. 
Not cuz of his job (don't even think he's currently employed)
And definitely not same hashkafa. 
In fact, said woman texted me to call her, which I did, so she could explain herself. The reason, she said, was because of his uber large family. She went on to say that over pesach she had met cousins of mine who married into families with 12+ kids and was thinking if they married into large families, then perhaps me, being distantly yet blood-related might be looking for the same thing. 
Well, that definitely goes into the books as being an excuse for a "relevent" match. 
Hey! And we're both single. 
Yikes, it freaks me out to know that my life is in the hands of people like this!


  1. Ah, yes, I know her kind well. Very well-meaning, very sweet, but they really don't have the, well, shadchan touch, if you will. They want to help, but if and when they get it right, it is more by fluke than by intended design.

    Your life is not in hands of people like her. Chances are, your shadchan will be a neighbor or a second cousin or a classmate from high school who has an idea. I would like a poll taken to see how many successful shidduchim was executed by a so-called "shadchan." I don't know of many in real life.

  2. Rest assured, your life is solely in your hands...