Thursday, April 24, 2014

Post Pesach

I was gonna use this post to explain how pathetic it has become when all my "married" has-been friends/acquaintances/old classmates come home with their own mini families and we meet up somewhere in town. It gets all awkward because they don't know how to 'relate' to me. I'm the SAME ME that I was, nothing has changed, so why treat me like this oddly inhumane being that has only a title-"single". It's as if there is nothing to talk about, I mean I ask lotsa questions and mostly catch up on their family life, charging with their kids and sometime hubbies but then they have this pitiful look, as if they have nothing to talk about and just smile. 
THEN I read Frumanista's post and the rest of my Pesach, when not spent awkwardly meeting up with these folks was exactly as she describes here:

I literally couldn't have put it better myself! Kudos frumanista


  1. We're all in the same shaky, leaky boat.

  2. Overlooked Psychology of the Arab-Israeli Peace Process
    by Mr. Cohen, moderator of the Derech Emet yahoo group, 2014 April 27

    In one of the most famous Bible stories, King Solomon threatened to cut a baby in half to satisfy the claims of two women who claimed possession of the same baby.

    The fake mother did not object to cutting the baby in half, but the real mother begged King Solomon to not do it, because the real mother did not want to see her baby die.

    The Arabs are very familiar with this Bible story, and they apply it to the conflict over possessing “Palestine.” The Arabs believe that just as the fake mother in the court of King Solomon was willing to divide the baby, the Israelis are fake owners of “Palestine” because they are willing to divide it.

    According to this logic, the Arabs can never truly agree to less than 100% of “Palestine,” because doing so would make them like the fake mother in the court of King Solomon, who was willing to divide the baby.

    Amazingly, Israel-bashing professors and journalists who consider themselves paragons of erudition are not aware of this widespread Arab belief.

  3. Quote Against Shadchanim from Popular Chareidi Rabbi

    Rabbi Shalom Arush of Breslov said:
    “A person with emunah does not go to matchmakers.”
    To see him say this, go to: and from there go to time = 4:23.