Monday, August 26, 2013

Excuses, excuses...

Hi all! So I'm back from summer vaca and had a week full of Simchas B"H. Which means that a whole lotta people that I haven't see in ages (or since before my vaca) decided to make me their personal Chesed project.
Yes folks, while I was getting dressed to go to weddings and worrying about frizz and flyaways as well a staticky skirts, other yentas were checking me out 'oy the older single at the young girl's wedding' and trying to find me ANY guy as long as he's jewish and wearing a pair of pants. 
Of course from all the backrubs, IY"H by yous, winks and pity smiles, not to mention the people who cornered me to ask me if I'm busy and the others who asked me to email my résumé, NOTHING came out of all the gestures/comments. 
Now I'm not chas v'shalom trying to blame it on these caring people but if a guy says no or is not interested to begin with-just say so-I can take it and I don't mind but just Don't make excuses!
seriously it was going from bad to worse and even more. I've never heard of such stupid and non-sensical ones, so I gotta give someone credit for being creative but c'mon guys: stop with the excuses. Say it like it is so us girls can move on without false hope and as normal girls can. 


  1. Not that it matters in regards to the post, but more as a curiosity, how old are you that you refer to yourself as the "older single"?

  2. 50 or 60 years ago, a 26-year-old single girl was a spinster, and old maid, a nebuch, a failure.

  3. WM-in my late 20s. I feel young but when it comes to the shidduch world or any Jewish function for that matter I feel like a total Alte Kacker.

    1. Okay, so I can't claim to be late 20s just yet, but do you mind not rocking the boat?
      You shake up there, us lower down feel the tremors too!
      Isn't dating not supposed to be scary...