Thursday, August 13, 2015

Another 'AWKWARD' Moment

I thought I'd experienced it all. From the weird dates, to stupid comments, to almost falling over the street grates in my heels over my actual date. Up until last week. 
I was set up as part of my 'shidduch experiment' but a family friend. Being that I was staying at a hotel, the guy met me in the lobby and we walked out to his car.  Naturally, not knowing where he parked or which car was his, I followed closely near him. He proceeded to walk between the cars which made it difficult to walk aside him so I walked behind him. When abruptly, he turns to the side and opens the car door, then realized I'm behind him. 
Which in turn meant, I thought I was following him to either an opened area where he parked or to my door. He suddenly panicked, the look on his face said it all, as he mumbled something about it being too narrow to walk me to the car on the passenger side. 
I was mortified, thinking he probably thought I assumed he would walk to my door to open it for me (which, if you read this blog and know me-is soooo not my type at all!) 
In any case, let's add that notch to my bedpost and move on. 
Lesson learned-watch outside (hotel) window to see where guy is coming from to note which car is his. 

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