Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Shidduchim as a 'Prize'

Not  that I wanna badmouth any organization, BUT I was and still very much am so disappointed by something I've recently heard. It sends an  organization, which for now will remain nameless in this post, has publicized that if you make a donation to their cause, you can "win" a shidduch. Meaning you choose from their top 5 "well reputable" Shadchan & the Shadchan of your choice had to set you up with 3 good matches. Oh and if any of them work out then Shadchan is paid. 
Wheni was first told about this I honestly thought it was a prank. Then I heard it from a second person and realized it was sadly true. 
Why it's this a prize? I've met with and spoken with these "top" Shadchansuss who won't even return a call, let alone respond to an email. But if I pay money then suddenly they will come up with all these great guys?
How come they can't give these suggestions on a regular Shadchan term? 
And how would all these rabbis and editors and board members allow this to be considered a well converted and sought after prize?!?
Is the world going mad?


  1. Lmao. Dont we all love Oorah? I know the person who sponsored this prize. He means very well.

  2. It's important to note that the average value of the prizes in said auction is over $3k, so that's the value of getting a shadchan to look in your direction. Huh.